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Data, meet design.

Make interactive infographics and data visualizations, the easy way.

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  • simple


    You don't need to be a programmer, a designer, or a data analyst. Infographics are for everyone. Drag and drop, rock and roll.

  • responsive


    Embed your infographic on a blog, download a static image version, or explore it on your phone. These graphics look great anywhere.

  • interactive


    Turn live streams of numbers into interactive stories. Explore data without doing math or writing code. Deep dive into data.

  • Jeff bigger

    "Hands down, some of the best UI/UX design I have ever seen."

    Jeff Poulton, @jeffpoulton

  • Beatriz

    "I have been DREAMING about a program like this! Signed in today: it's gorgeous, intuitive, and clean."

    Beatriz Wallace, @bigmuddyheart

  • Qowuzmek reasonably small

    "This is BANANAS! @InfoActive is Data analysis + Visual design = LOVE"

    Noland Hoshino, @NolandHoshino

  • Philipp barefoot company

    "So smooth and intuitive. Will absolutely use it more often."

    Philipp Bachinger, The Swiss Barefoot Company

  • Nrnhrh1f reasonably small

    "Finally, visualizing data is fun, easy to use and highly interactive."

    Gerrit Croes, @gerritcroes

  • connect-data

    Connect data

    Connect live data from Google Sheets or import a csv. As you gather more data, your infographics will update. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the sweet magic of automation.

  • data

    Tell a story

    Combine text, charts, maps, icons, and interactive filters into living narratives. Use one of our professionally designed themes or customize the look and feel to suit your brand.